Sunday, January 3, 2010

Morning Everyone What A Beautiful Clody Day!

I know not everyone enjoys clouds but I do. So today is my real real start into my raw food journey because I am starting a 10 days juice cleanse with a bunch of other people thanks to Shazzie's inspiration. I am not to sure how I am going to do this juice cleanse because I have never lived solely on juice for ten days so I may stick to eating non sweet fruits when I need somthing to eat and then make it a higher percentage of fresh juice.
Me starting this raw journey isn't really a new years resolution because I don't do resolutions but more new year new plan so to speak. My Mother is doing this with me and we are also going to slowly transition my three year old daughter Willow. Willow is getting transitioned slowly so I can monitor her health and make sure I am doing everything right. She already eats a higb percentage of fruits and veggies and hemp seeds so its not like she isn't already a high raw kid as it is lol.
This year is important to me because I am not only going to be undergoing alot of changes examples, starting my business, starting school and going raw I am also massivly going to work on who I am. I have problems with my self esteem and confidence and I owe it to myself to make the changes to fully appriciate who I am and who I can be. A short post but I love you all and have a beautiful day.

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